Yes, there is. For details, please go to https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2583384 Telegram Channel: @wwfbounty
Level 11, Marina Bay Financial Center, Tower 1, 8 Marina Boulevard, Singapore, 018981,
This information will be published in May or June 2018, right now negotiations are in progress
Yes, we have a KYC procedure.
We will have out own blockchain in 2019. So far, the platform will be based on Ethereum blockchain.
The best way to find out more is to contact us directly. See the contact section on our website for the full list of contacts. E-mail: info@worldwifi.io
For all the participants of the TOKEN SALE the BTC/WeToken and ETH/WeToken rate will be fixed by the real rate on Bitfinex on May 19, 2018 (or on the day, next to the end of TOKEN SALE if the Hard Сap is reached earlier than May 18, 2018). For all the participants of the TOKEN SALE who bought WeToken for BTC or ETH the BTC/WeToken and ETH/WeToken rate will be fixed as follows.
- If the value of the BTC rate is above $ 9000 and the ETH rate is above $ 700, the rate will be fixed by the actual value at the Bitfinex exchange on the day next to the end of the TOKEN SALE .
- If the BTC or ETH exchange rate (depending on the currency in which WeToken was purchased) is below the above-mentioned values, the BTC/WeToken and ETH/WeToken rates will be fixed based on rate as of 1 BTC = 9000 $ and 1 ETH = 700 $, respectively.
Token Sale
PRE-SALE will be finished on April 16. TOKEN SALE starting date: April 18, 2018
WETOKEN (WT) WILL BE USED AS UNIVERSAL CURRENCY INSIDE THE WI-FI NETWORK ALL SETTLEMENTS IN THE PLATFORM WILL BE MADE IN WETOKENS ONLY 1 WeToken = 10 ad views in World Wi-Fi – at the TOKEN SALE stage At present, the market average price of 10 views of targeted ads in Wi-Fi networks is $0.30. Therefore, the token price at TOKEN SALE includes an initial discount. As the World Wi-Fi project is developed, the demand for tokens will grow, because advertisers will buy more and more tokens on the market to go on with their advertising campaigns.
Soft cap: 3,500,000 US dollars Hard cap: 25,000,000 US dollars
In total, 258,000,000 WT are available for buying.
60,000,000 WeTokens.
Yes, in total 600,000,000 WeTokens are issued.
On Ethereum platform.
3 Options for PRE-SALE bonuses: 1. Below USD 50,000 * 15% bonus in tokens 2. USD 50,000 and above * 25% bonus in tokens 3. All participants of PRE-SALE and ICO who contribute $15,000 or more will get unique root referrals with zero fee.
Buying a token at the TOKEN SALE or by any other way, you acknowledge that you are not citizen of China or any other country where tokens are deemed equal to securities. You must also know that the laws of your country will not be breached.
We are conducting the TOKEN SALE to attract the community who will develop, together with us, the World Wi-Fi project around the globe.
Yes you will. There will be no problems.
Yes, a root invite can be obtained before the TOKEN SALE ends.
For the cryptocurrency rookies, a detailed guideline is available on the starting page. If it is a large amount characterizing the participation ($50,000 and above), the organizers are ready for the live meeting.
The minimum possible buy is 1 token. We recommend to deposit amounts in equivalents from $100.
The gas is a unit of measure of prices for calculations at Ethereum.
When you buy WeTokens, they are displayed in ETH or BTC in your account on our website. On April 17, they will be recalculated, and the current balance will be shown in our WeTokens in your private account on our website.  After the TOKEN SALE stage, you will be able to withdraw your tokens.
This is the most modern token standard based on Ethereum network. It will keep the transparency of operations with investors. Important: your ethereum wallet must support this standard to receive tokens.
You may keep your WeTokens in your account on our website (worldwifi.io). Also, you may withdraw WeTokens directly to exchanges or to MyEtherWallet, but WeTokens will stay on our website until the Token Sale ends.
Considering the never-ending threats that emanate from traitors and hackers of all sorts, it is quite odd that there are so relatively few resources in respect to how to protect your cryptocurrency and remain safe. First of all, we want you to know that our technical security experts are the best in the areas of blockchain protection and web security. They ensure ultimate security of worldwifi.io and all of the stored data. It is worth adding that recently we passed the Quantus safety test - https://twitter.com/WorldWifi_ICO/status/962293488304967682 World Wi-Fi project is reminding you that real safety begins with you! Just follow the simple rules, and your currency will be safe against any hacking. 1. Never send currency to ETH/BTC addresses that might be sent to you by e-mail from any member of the World Wi-Fi team or worldwifi.io domain because an e-mail address can easily be altered. Our team uses two-step authentication, which makes this situation very unlikely, but if you do receive a message with details, do not hesitate to contact us via Telegram: @world_wifi or to our official e-mail address: info@worldwifi.io 2. Always check what kind of link you are opening. You will need a little time to check if that link is safe, but it may protect your nerves and your currency. We advise you to use these services: a) http://www.google.ru/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=worldwifi.io b) http://www.unmaskparasites.com/ c) http://www.phishtank.com/ 3. Always contact us if you think you have found something or someone is trying to steal your currency or compromise World Wi-Fi. We will do all we can to keep everything safe. World Wi-Fi will always keep an eye on the existing hacking techniques to ensure your safety! Join our project right now!
Yes, it will be possible.
Yes, it will be possible.
We have a well-thought security system. A router owner who connects to our system will download our software. Next, his/her router will start to share one more network. It is isolated from the private network on the software level, so those who connect to it will have no access to the computers in the main network of that router's owner. The second network becomes public. It should be added that we only analyze the (depersonalized) data that is important for advertisers (For example: what commodities are advertised in that region, and how successful it has been). So, there is no way that your personal information could be compromised.
legal questions
World Wi-Fi has never had any legal issues with large Internet providers. We negotiate with telecommunications companies from different countries to sign a partnership agreement. Our referral system will be very useful for telecom providers of any size and will help them monetize the unused traffic. This will let us penetrate the closely-controlled countries such as USA and Canada.
Depending on the laws of the country where the user is authenticated.
Yes, we have a KYC procedure.
You are right, there is no way to share wi-fi and get money for that, but nobody forbids you to receive WeTokens.
In countries where user identification laws apply, we make the identification according to such country's laws. For example, via a mobile phone (like in Russia). This way, the malefactor will be found.
referal and invite
For router owners who want to get connected to the World Wi-Fi platform and start to earn. An invite is always required to get connected to the system. An invite is a referral linked to the user's wallet in the system. The referral program works like this: all wallets remit 25% of the cost of the ad shown on the router to those who have joined them. So, the router owners are interested in scaling the system up. Everyone can use his/her invite to connect new participants and get revenue from the ads shared by their routers. It is all about allocating the advertising budget only – the router owners do not pay anything to each other.
The first (root) invites will be given to PRE-SALE /TOKEN SALE participants who deposit more than $15,000 and to the project team for network development (root invites). The only difference in root invites is that their holders do not pay anyone interest on the ads shared via their router. A root invite is similar to a digital franchise, with which you can develop the project and raise maximum revenue. The number of root invites is limited and, if you are not planning to pursue the project, you will be able to sell it with profit after the TOKEN SALE to an active community member who wants to earn on the network development. Such invite holder will give just 5% of its revenue to the World Wi-Fi platform.
It is a usual invite that will be available to everyone after the World Wi-Fi platform is launched. Beside the standard 5% fee to the World Wi-Fi platform, a basic invite holder is already engaged by someone, and he pays to someone (either the platform or the root invite holder) 25% of his revenue from the ads.
Make an agreement with any Wi-Fi router owner, engage him into World Wi-Fi using your root invite, and start getting revenue. And also, you can considerably increase your income - if you search and connect other router owners and set up new open networks.
We can enroll you for our first beta-test. Then, when it is launched (in late April), we will send you a notification letter.
Hi! You can use your referral in your personal account at https://en.worldwifi.io/profile
A root invite holder has not been invited to the platform by anyone, so the root invite holder pays to the World Wi-Fi platform 5% only and earns 25% of the profit from the ads pulled with his invite. A basic invite differs only in that beside the 5% fee to the World Wi-Fi, a basic invite holder has already been engaged by someone, and he pays to someone (either the platform or the root invite holder) 25% of his revenue from the ads.
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